18.03.2011   Astronauts of Inner Space is played at www.kaupunkiradio.fi. Tune in!

28.12.2010   Concert at Wunderbar Zurich next January.

10.02.2010   Debut album 'Taster' is now available.

10.06.2009   'I'm Your Fat Admirer' uploaded. Debut album is currently being recorded.

14.02.2009   New song 'The Clown' uploaded. New date in March.

14.12.2008   New dates announced in February.

27.06.2008   On the 4th of July Astronauts of Inner Space is going to be featured on Radio LoRa's 'Ohrbit Freakshow' programme. The radio station's frequency is 97.5 MHz and can be heard in Zurich or online on www.lora.ch/webradio.php.

07.05.2008   First concert announced.

23.03.2008   New song 'You Choose' is now online on our MySpace profile.

23.06.2007   Recording of 'Ouverture' and other demo songs.

10.06.2007   Formation of Astronauts of Inner Space.